Himalayan Wooden Bowl Basket Salt Lamps 4-5 Kg

Use these lamps in bedrooms, living rooms, hall ways or anywhere else where you want to create a tranquil, cozy, relaxing and serene atmosphere. These lamps will also improve your concentration. When you repose in peace and quiet, a wooden lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience. According to research, the heated salt crystal lamps can be referred to as natural ion generators.

Product Dimension: Approx – 20 cm.

Features & Specifications:

  • Comes complete with certified cable and bulb.
  • 100% Natural – 100% Pure – 100% Original – 100% Genuine Salt Crystal.

Cleaning Instructions: Switch lamp off and wipe with a slightly damp sponge. We do recommend leaving your lamp on as much as possible however, when not using for long periods, do not leave your lamp in a humid room or outside of the home where it is exposed to the elements.



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